Driving in Zanzibar Island 

Zanzibar Island uses UK style (driving on the left side),  as all of the southern African countries are in SADC (Southern African Development Community)  and among their rules including all member-states should drive on the left,  


Traffic lights 

In few years ago we have been seen couple of traffic lights set up,  but there is no single traffic light around the village area,  


Fuel Prices 

A litre of petrol/ gasoline is roughly $1 usd,  



Almost everywhere in Zanzibar there is tarmac road and always there is no place which is not accessible,  the longest distance from stone town is 67km,  this is to say from the Northernmost to the southernmost is nearly only 100 km.  Petrol stations are found countrywide.  The maximum you could go without finding the petrol station is less than 10 km 

Zanzibar Taxi Prices

there are different in Zanzibar taxi prices depends on which type or class you are, eg budget taxi, midrange and luxury taxis