Is a license needed to drive in Zanzibar?

All national driving licenses issued from all nations are acknowledged in Zanzibar. Meanwhile, they should be along with a Zanzibar Driving Permit.

What is a Zanzibar Driving Permit, and how would I get it?

Driving in Zanzibar demands a permit issued by the authorized management in the state. But this will alongside your public or international driving permit.

Can Zanzibarcarrental assist me to get a driving permit?

Certainly, yes. The driving permit costs an extra $10 for a driver and can be organized ahead of time by Zanzibarcarrental. Whenever you have booked with us, it would be ideal if you email us a duplicate of your present license. The permit cost can be paid on appearance in Zanzibar.

Would you be able to get me from the air terminal? The ship? Or my inn?

Truly, indeed, and yes! We offer a full pickup and drop-off as part of our service. Basically, just make your request known as part of our booking cycle or send us an email where and when you might want us to get you. Essentially, one of our staff will be there ahead of time with your name on board.

Would I be able to drop my vehicle at the air terminal? the ship? or then again would you be able to gather it from my lodging?

Indeed, truly, and yes! We can organize the subtleties ahead of time, or in the event that you can't choose until some other time in your outing, you can give us a ring when you need us (if you don't mind stop the vehicle first).

I might want a driver, what's the cost and how would I mastermind it?

At Zanzibarcarrental, we render Self Drive and Chauffeur driven vehicles for our clients consistently. In the event that you might want a driver, it would be ideal if you simply select Chauffeur Driven when booking through our online stage and the charges will be made known.

What's the arrangement with fuel?

We will flexibly you with a full tank of fuel and expect the vehicle fuel tank is full when returned. There is a lot of petrol branch everywhere on the island. Pump attendants will there to attend to your request. All that is required is for you to drive into the station, remain sitting in the vehicle, and hold back to be served. They will ask you the measure of cash you need to place in, and you pay them toward the end.

Would I be able to drive to the beach?

No. Apologies, it’s not permitted.

What occurs if the car breaks down or stalls out?

It is not far-fetched that you won’t experience vehicle difficulty, we have you covered. But in case of any unexpected, our telephones line are available are 24 hours every day. Clearly, we will here shortly after receiving your request. In the event that we can't fix the issue at the side of the road, we will give you a substitution vehicle so you can be on your way as fast as could reasonably be expected. Continuously ensure you have your accused telephone of you consistently, to be safe.


What occurs on the off chance that I have a mishap?

On the off chance that an accident occurs, if you don't mind remain in your vehicle in the event that it is protected to do as such, or by the roadside if not. Then, give us a call immediately. We will be there as fast as could reasonably be expected, and will figure out the entirety of the essential desk work and so on Every one of our vehicles are completely protected, and your safety is our essential concern and priority.

Will I get halted by the police while driving in Zanzibar?

Indeed, presumably! There are checkpoints at significant towns and by and large-stop most vehicles. Zanzibar traffic cops are normally amicable enough, will approach you for your driving permit and Zanzibar driving license. They have a superficial check out of your vehicle. Grin, be agreeable and affable and you will be on your way in the blink of an eye. On the improbable occasion that you get into trouble, call us and we will stop for a moment to talk with them for you.

I need to see the destinations of Zanzibar! Woulda guidebe able to show us around?

Zanzibarcarrental can take you on different Zanzibar tours or excursions and holidays around the Island. We offer you the opportunity to encounter all the destinations, sounds, scents, and tastes that this little bit of heaven has to bring to the table.

Regardless of whether you might want to go on a coordinated tour/excursion or holidays or would like to investigate all alone. Definitely, Zanzibarcarrental has the ideal answer for you. Shot us a message via info@zanzibarcarrental.co.tz to call US anytime on +255 777 043720


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