Driving in Zanzibar

It is very much advisable to obtain an International Driving license before leaving your home country, but we do organise local permit by presenting your ordinary country’s license only, but with only USD 10 and a copy of your driving license you can obtain a temporary 14 days license once you are on the island. it takes less then half an hour to obtain it..

We shall take care of all of this within 20 minute. Our car hiring costs are generally between USD 35 and 100 a day excluding fuel, but prices will drop to around USD 30 a day for hiring periods of a week or more. Insurance is included (third part), 

Driving licence in Zanzibar 

Anyone wants to drive in Zanzibar Island must have his local or international valid driving licence,  our company will help you to organise the temporary driving licence which costs $10 usd,  as a registered local company we have good cooperation with the authorities and we ensure you to get you temporary driver's licence (driving permit)  in less than a day,  


Getting driving permit or temporary driver's licence we need from a copy of your driving licence whether local or international and we are highly recommending to send us before your arrival so that once you arrive we give you the car with the temporary driver's licence, 

In case you have any query please don't hesitate to contact us