Driving permit in Zanzibar

Zanzibar driving permit is needed for any individual that drives vehicles on the public roads on the Zanzibar. This is mandatory for the Zanzibar residents or foreigners on a tour or excursion that wish to drive vehicles.

Temporary Zanzibar driver's license

As a foreign in Zanzibar, you will need a temporary Zanzibar driver's license if you wish to drive in Zanzibar. The international driver's permit granted isn't substantial enough to drive in Zanzibar. There are many traffic police checks point on Zanzibar public roads.

Importantly, Zanzibarcarrental can assist you to get the permit (Just send us your name via email or during the booking process) before you show up on Zanzibar. This will only cost US$ 10 per driver.

How do i get a driving permit in Zanzibar?

Get your driving permit for a car, motorbike, moped or other vehicle. To apply you must:

Applying for a driving license in Zanzibar 

Must go through test and pay test charge

Must have an eye test authentication

Need to apply to Traffic police for testing

Must have a student/temporary driving permit

Need to go to traffic police with a vehicle for testing

Need to attend any authorized driving school and be granted a certificate

Must have over 18 years old for engine vehicles and 16 years old onwards for bikes

Applicant having being tried might be permitted to drive bikes and cantina vehicles.

Zanzibar Driving License Registration

Before you can figure out how to drive a vehicle, bike, OR three-wheeler, you should apply for a temporary driving permit. On the off chance that you as of now hold a valid driving permit and need to figure out how to drive bigger vehicles, minibusses, or transports you should apply for the temporary privilege for these vehicles.

A driving permit approves an individual to drive an engine vehicle, cruiser, OR a three-wheeler. The permit contains your ID specifics as a certified driver. To request a Zanzibar Driving License, the individual must be 16, 18 years or above.

Zanzibar driving license registration fee are 35,000 Tshs (for 2 years), 45,000 Tshs (for 3 years), and 60,000 Tshs (for 5 years)

When to anticipate your Zanzibar driving permit

Zanzibar plans to convey your driving permit to you within three weeks of accepting your application. It will take no more if your wellbeing or individual subtleties have not to be checked. Particular eye test.

At the point when your permit is given it will presently have various added security highlights. One of the fundamental scanner tag to verify your specifics.

New plastic card driving permit.

Zanzibar now issues a plastic card driving permit. This choice was taken essentially to help limit the expenses and season of giving licenses to general society. You should sit tight for your new permit for a few moments than previously. If you don't mind permit, in any event, three to ten minutes for your permit to be perused if the from was filled accurately.

Zanzibar Paper driving licenses.

If you don't mind note that Zanzibar no longer issues paper driving licenses. This is on the grounds that it destroys without any problem. Zanzibar has additionally gotten various grumblings from individuals from the general population about the size and different confusions. Thus numerous drivers leave them home as one method of securing their permit. In the event that the old paper driving licenses sent into Zanzibar can't be returned rather, you will get the enhanced one subsequent to finishing the recharging application structures.

Zanzibar Driving Speed limits: In Stone Town and towns, the speed limit is 40-50kmh, while on the country public roads are 80 kmh.

Other Zanzibar traffic regulations:

On Zanzibar public roads: when you see approaching traffic you should set the marker as though you'll turn right. It began to caution vehicles behind you of approaching traffic however now it turned into an overall guideline.

If you see or hear squad cars with blue lights or red lights blazing, the driver MUST draw over and stop the vehicle, regardless of which bearing they come from!

Try not to drive drunk. Try not to give the traffic cops motivation to find you since you smell of liquor.

By law, drivers and travelers need to wear safety belts while driving.


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